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Kate Lenk


January 29, 2012

         Is it really almost February?  Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this weekend.  We have an exciting month ahead of us with Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day and the 100th Day of School!!  We will also be anxiously waiting to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow on Feb. 2nd, Groundhog’s Day!

         In Language Arts, we continue to work on reading and writing our kindergarten sight words.  Continuing to practice these words at home will be extremely helpful in their writing in the months to come.  Last week we completed our district “Winter Write.”  Every kindergartener in the district wrote about “a friend.”  Our class did an excellent job on these.  We were so excited to see how much they’ve grown in this area!  This month we are beginning a new writing unit called “Small Moments.”  We will be working on zooming in on the small moments in our lives and making a story about them.  We will eventually learn to stretch these stories/moments across several pages.  We will be modeling “small moments” by using read-a-louds and our own experiences.  We continue to work on sounding words out and are focusing a great deal on short vowel sounds.    

         This week we will also begin our study of our country.  We will be making a “country book” which will focus on important symbols and presidents (Washington & Lincoln).  This is always a fun and very informative book for the kindergarteners to make.

In Math, we are working on combinations to 6 (1+5=6, 3+3= 6, etc.), number writing to 30, graphing, counting by 5’s to 50 and 10’s to 50.  Please continue to work with your child when it comes to correct number formation.  Although it is developmentally appropriate for 5 and 6 year olds to reverse numbers, it is still very important to model the correct direction and correct when necessary.  The more they practice writing these the correct way, the more natural it will become.  Thank you! J

         Thank you so much to our wonderful field trip chaperones!  The play and bus ride were fantastic and we couldn’t have done it without our helpers!! 

         Enclosed in the homework folder you will find a special 100th day assignment.  These will need to be returned by Feb. 8th.  Also attached to this newsletter you will find a Valentine’s List.  Feb., 14th is Valentine’s Day and one of the biggest highlights for kindergarteners is the passing out and receiving of Valentines!!  Please have your child make one valentine for each child on the list.  Send completed cards to school by Monday, Feb. 13th.  Thank you!

Special Dates/Reminders:

  • 2/8-2/15 VGIF online auction
  • 2/8 100th day collections due
  • 2/13 Valentines Due
  • 2/17 No School-School recess
  • 2/20 No School- Presidents’ Day Holiday
  • 2/24 VGIF Vista Grande Auction

February Sharing Calendar

2/1             2/8            2/15           2/22    2/29

Aiden D.             Giovanni             Joshua               Mitch        Rylee

Alaric                 Bradley              Kaden                Nathan      Wyatt

Julianne             Aiden H.            Kaleb                          Shane         Anna

Sean                  Dalia                  Kate                   Norah        Hanna

Lily                    Eva                    Kathryn              Kinley        Konrad


*Themes:  Winter, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Groundhog’s Day, U.S.A.




Kindergarten News

August 29, 2011

Dear Parents,


What a great first week we had with your children!  We had so much fun getting to know each of them.  Last week many of our activities had to do with “Corduroy.”  This week we will move on to “Colors.”  If your child would like to dress according to the color of the day (for example, a red shirt or shirt with red on “red” daydo not go buy anything J),  please refer to the attached schedule.   Tomorrow is RED day.  Each day we will learn about a different color and do many Language Arts, Science and Math related activities based on that color.


Within our weekly themes, we are able to focus on many academic skills, such as sorting, graphing, letter writing, measuring, etc.  It is a great way to incorporate important skills while having fun at the same time!


This month we will be reviewing letters and sounds.  We will be working on correct formation of letters and numbers.  We will also be working on writing our names “The kindergarten Way.”  In your child’s homework folder this week, we have written your child’s name “The Kindergarten way.”  Please make sure your child practices this at home. Thanks!  We will also be learning about “Colors” and working on a “colors” book that focuses on color words and the sight word “see.” Next we will move into “Shapes,” “Apples” and “Fall.”




Today your child will be bringing home his/her yellow Homework Folder.  Please review the “homework” note inside.  These folders will need to be returned with completed homework on Thursdays.  Thanks!




The class is loving snack and lunch at school.  We ask that you do not send snack in their lunch boxes.  With 26 kids, it makes it difficult for them to find their snacks in their lunch boxes.  A small, nutritious snack slipped into his/her book bag is perfect.  Thank you for helping make this a smooth transition from the classroom to the picnic tables.



This week we will begin “sharing.”  Each week a different group of kindergartners will have the opportunity to share on Wednesdays.  Your child should bring in one item to share on his/her scheduled sharing day.  We ask that the item being shared relate to something we are learning about that month, for example. This month our themes are. “bears,” “colors,” “Fall,” “apples,” and “shapes.”  Items for sharing might include, books, stuffed animals, puzzles, games, pictures, etc.  Please share things that you already have at home.  Your child will need to put sharing item into a bag (brown lunch bags work the best!), write 3 clues on the outside of the bag (mom and dad can do this part J) and practice saying these 3 clues.  Speaking is an essential part of our language program, so please practice this with your child prior to sharing that day.  Kindergartners LOVE sharing!!  Please see attached “sharing” schedule.


“Star of the Week”


Also coming home today is the “Star of the Week” schedule.  Each child will have a special week to be the “Star.”  We will send home a special book for you to create with your child.  These books will be sent out a month prior to his/her Star date.   FUN!




Thank you for sending in volunteer sheets.  We can’t wait for you to start.  It is so much fun for the children to have mom or dad at school and we love the extra help!! We will be putting together a volunteer calendar and will let you know when volunteers will begin.  Thanks!



Special Notes/Reminders:


8/31  Sharing begins

9/5 Labor DayNO SCHOOL

8/26 VG Wrapping Paper fundraiser begins (info. came home on Friday).

** please remember to have your child wear tennis shoes on Wednesdays for P.E. !!




        We have had so much fun with your children this past week.  What a terrific class!! We are looking forward to a great year with you and your child!


















Current Assignments