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Digital Citizenship

The lessons we complete in 2nd Grade are:

  1. Powerful Passwords
  2. Follow the Digital Trail: Understanding a digital footprint
  3. Show Respect Online
  4. Things For Sale

Please look for parent information that is sent home in the Wednesday envelope. (green paper) I include the work we do in class, along with an informative letter for parents. Your children are showing that they understand the importance of not sharing personal information when creating passwords and when working online. Way to go parents for educating your children...they are responsible digital citizens!

Jill Jones - 2nd Grade

Pajama/Donut/Read All Day

Friday, January 18

  • The classroom will be open from 8:35-9:35.
  • Children can wear pajamas, if they wish, but please make sure they wear school appropriate shoes.
  • Extra books can be brought in by your children as we will be reading all day.
  • A sleeping bag or blanket, along with a stuffed animal may also be brought to school on Friday.

Looking forward to a day filled with reading and eating donuts!


This is such a fun time of year for reading and writing as we are working with non-fiction. Last week we started a class book about tigers as all your children are becoming "experts" about this animal. During reader's workshop we have been reading about tigers, which laid the foundation for our class book. The children are learning how to read non-fiction text, gather information, sort information, and then write based on their reading. Our next step, after the completion of our tiger book, will be for the children to chose an animal to research and then write their own all about book. Ask your children what they learned about tigers, as they are all experts!


This school year we have transitioned from a trimester report card to a semester report card. Your children will receive their report cards on January 18, 2019. 

Class Schedule


Computers: Friday 10:30-11:15


LIBRARY: Tuesday 12:55-1:25


MUSIC: Friday 12:15-1:15


PE: Monday & Thursday



SCIENCE: Tuesday 1:25-2:15


Retell Strategy
Retell Strategy
Reading Strategy
Reading Startegy


  • On Monday, your child will take a pretest. The average amount of words on a pretest is 16.
  • If students miss all 16 words, they are only going to study a maximum of 10 words.
  • If students miss only 5 words, they they will only be studying 5 words.
  • If students get all words correct on the pretest then they will get some challenge words to study.
  • You will see your child's spelling words written in his planner on Monday night.
  • Spelling tests will be on Friday. Please check out the spelling strategy link to the left; great way to study for the test on Friday! :)
  • Studying Strategy

Computer Resources