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Jill Jones Locker
  • Students use to log in to dreambox. They will have their user name and password written in their planner; many students already have them memorized.
  • This is an adaptive program that parallels our Eureka math program.
  • If your children are struggling please encourage them to work through the problem. Please do not give them the answer. The program will only be able to adapt to your children if the children are doing the work.
  • We use this program around 3 times per week in class, and occasionally I will have students use dreambox as homework.
  • This program is to help students with math facts - addition and subtraction.
  • End of second grade expectation is addition/subtraction fluency within 20.
  • This is not the only way to practice math facts. Other ideas: flashcards, oral quizzing, Math Fact Cafe
  • We will use this program daily to help build routine and stamina, and occasionally I will have students use XtraMath as homework.
  • This program allows students to use it twice a day...once in class and once at home.

Jill Jones - 2nd Grade

Summer Suggestions


Read, Read, Read! 





Have your child keep a journal for the summer. This will help record all the “small moments” of summer. Small moments are when “students take the everyday events of their young lives and make them into focused, well-structured stories, then they learn to breathe life into the characters by making them talk, think, and interact.” (Lucy Caulkins)

In simple terms write about a small moment, like playing frisbee on the beach, instead of giving a play by play of your day visiting Capitola. 

Check this out to help support your young writer - Narrative Writing Checklist



Practice Math Facts - XtraMath is accessible through the summer! In 3rd grade, students start with a unit on multiplication. We built the foundation with arrays and repeated addition, however sometimes parents are startled with this shift at the beginning of third grade.


Dreambox - access through the SRVUSD Portal 


Class Schedule


LIBRARY: Tuesday 1:00-1:30

MUSIC: Friday 2:30-3:00

PE: Tuesday 8:35-9:25

        Thursday 1:20-2:10

SCIENCE: Friday 10:30-11:20



Retell Strategy
Retell Strategy
Reading Strategy
Reading Startegy
  • On Monday, your child will take a pretest. The average amount of words on a pretest is 16.
  • If students miss all 16 words, they are only going to study a maximum of 10 words.
  • If students miss only 5 words, they they will only be studying 5 words.
  • If students get all words correct on the pretest then they will get some challenge words to study.
  • You will see your child's spelling words written in the planner.
  • Spelling tests will be on Friday. Please check out the spelling strategy link below; great way to study for the test on Friday! :)
  • Studying Strategy