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Kristin Allio & Stacy Estrada

Happy New Year 2019!

The children have been doing such a fantastic job of learning letter recognition and letter sounds with our Alpha Friends. We have been reviewing the alphabet and the order that the letters come in. We have covered letters A-K giving each letter its own week to highlight its sound. We incorporate various activities such as reading books about each letter, listening to sounds, tracing, letter bracelets, Ipads, rhymes, singing etc. One of our favorite activities is to get on our hoppers and jump to the letter sound as we say it. Ask your child to demonstrate it with your help. Take the focus letter of the week and say words out loud that begin with this letter sound and a few words that do not as your child is in hopper position. See what happens. For the month of January our focus letter of the week will include J, K, L, and M.


Handwriting Without Tears is our writing program that focuses on writing strokes and mastering the simpler writing strokes before introducing more difficult ones. We continue to work on basic strokes and identifying the various orientations that lines can have (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). We also practice correct letter formation and focus on the proper pencil grip and coloring within lines.

In about two weeks we will begin a new handwriting book that will allow us to review upper case letter formation and teach lower case letter formation.


The children will be learning more about shapes and their characteristics (straight or curved lines, corners and sides). They will be practicing their tracing skills too, by following the outside edges of pattern blocks. We even got a brand new carpet with different colored shapes for the students to sit on during our carpet time activities.


We will be making numeral books to help us with our numbers this month. The kids will learn how to correctly form the numbers 1-10. We will use special poems to teach the formation.


This month we started our celebration of winter by making several art pieces of snowmen to decorate our classroom.We will be learning about winter animals including penguins and polar bears. We will also enjoy the story, The Mitten, by Alvin Tressalt. We will do some fun activities to reinforce comprehension.

Other projects include a stained glass snowflake, snowball names, hunting for letters in the snow, snow patterning, and snowflake measuring.

We are looking forward to our Donuts with Family special day on Friday, January 18th. All TK families are invited to attend this fun day! 

Monday, January 21st will be a school holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Our students will learn about the important peaceful leader he was.

Chinese New Year will be discussed with our students the last week in January. If there are any parents that would like to come in and talk with our classes about Chinese New Year we invite you to reach out and let us know as we would welcome your visit.

We continue to enjoy music with Mr.Gates and art with Mrs. Lind.

Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers that help enrich our TK program every day. We are so lucky to have you and we appreciate your support. If you haven't had a chance to volunteer you still can sign up and look forward to enjoy some time with us in 2019. 

Stay warm and dry.


Mrs. Estrada, Ms. Allio, Mrs. McKee and Mrs. Priya

December Newsletter



As for December, HERE WE GO!!! We will continue with uppercase letter formation, letter of the week, rhyming, counting, number tracing, patterning, etc. This month’s themes include reindeer, gingerbread, and senses to name a few. This month the kids will draw a reindeer, and do a fine motor activity involving jingle bells, pattern holiday lights, and practice number writing in cinnamon trays. Some other activities the kids have to look forward to include decorating a gingerbread man, gingerbread man fishing, candy cane patterning, making Santa, a Christmas senses book, and a reindeer hat. In psychomotor, the skills we are focusing on include rolling and bouncing and catching. We are working on recognizing “feelings” in our Second Step program. 

We have started our art class with Mrs. Lind in room 306. The AM class has art on Thursdays and the PM class has art on Fridays. We will continue with art class through February.

Some specials this month include our school wide holiday sing along, which is on Thursday, December 20 at 11:15 inside of the MPR. This day is also a minimum day so both TK classes will come 8:35 - 11:05, however we would like everyone to join us for the Sing A Long so we will be extending dismissal until it is over at 12:05 for all who wish to stay for this special school wide event. 

Vista Grande will have our Toy Drive for Foster Children December 3 - 14. If you would like to participate please send in a wrapped gift. We appreciate your support.

We are having a FESTIVE PAJAMA PARTY as our holiday celebration on Tuesday, December 18th from 9:00-10:30 in the a.m. class and from 12:00-1:30 in the p.m. class. MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW!!! We will request additional volunteers for this day. 

Minimum day schedule for December 20th. Both classes will come early. 8:35-11:05 with option to stay for extended day (12:05) to attend Sing A Long. If you would like to pick your child up at 11:05 please be punctual as we will be heading to the school MPR to sing. Thank you.

Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL Friday, December 21st. Our winter break starts! 

Please remember to send sweatshirts and jackets to school (labeled) as the days are getting much, much colder. 

Also, if you plan to arrive late for school please check in to the office and get a tardy slip before walking your child to the classroom. We appreciate it.

Winter break will be December 21st - January 7th. 

We hope everyone will enjoy the holiday season and have a happy New Year!




Ms. Allio & Mrs. Estrada




November Newsletter

The TK Bee

Here’s what’s buzzin’ in Room 402                                                                   

November 2018


November is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. We have so many reasons to be grateful. We encourage you to have conversations with your child about what you and your family are thankful for. We will be having many class discussions on this topic. We are so thankful to be at Vista Grande together with an amazing group of students. We have wonderful and supportive families we work with and we couldn’t be any more grateful! 

November 2 is a Staff Development Day so there is no school for the students.

November 6 is election day. Remember to vote!

November 12  Veterans’ Day observed so there is no school.

On Friday, November 30th we will have Grandparents’ Day and Turkey Trot. We will welcome grandparents to come visit our classrooms and watch our students participate in the Vista Grande Turkey Trot. 

AMTK Turkey Trot will take place from 9:00 - 9:45 with grandparents welcome to visit our classroom from 10:00 - 10:30.

PMTK Turkey Trot will take place from 12:00 - 12:45 with grandparents welcome to visit our classroom from 1:00 -1:30.

The kids will spend much of November learning about Thanksgiving past and present. We will study Pilgrims and Native Americans, and talk about family traditions, and an anticipated yummy Thanksgiving feast. Please look for many of our November projects to come home inside of their Wednesday envelopes. Enjoy!

We will have Thanksgiving Break November 19 - 23 no school.

We are so thankful to work with your amazing children every day!


Mrs. Estrada & Ms. Allio



October Newsletter

The TK Bee

Here’s what’s buzzin’ in Room 402…

October 5, 2018

Wow! Time flies when we’re having fun. October is packed with more, wonderful learning activities for your children. We are enjoying our conferences and sharing with you about your child. Thank you for your support in all you do to help your child be a successful student!

We wanted to share what we have upcoming for the rest of the month including, Red Ribbon week, and of course, the highly anticipated HALLOWEEN day!!!

We will be working on rhyming during opening and having the children listen to words we say and “jump” if the two words rhyme. We will start letter of the week. In the next few weeks we will begin learning about Andy Apple and Benny Bear, which are called alpha friends and part of the Houghton Mifflin program we use to teach letter recognition and sounds. Some of our letter of the week activities include making a crown or bracelet, an activity where they color and cut out pictures, and a letter worksheet that will include tracing and coloring as well as items that begin with the letter sound. We are reading lots of books and listening to words we say and identifying the beginning sound. We started teaching the kids correct letter formation during Handwriting without Tears and will continue this the remainder of the year. We are also learning about shapes and are creating a book about shapes that will come home when completed later this month. The children are learning about the characteristics of each shape. We are spending time learning about spiders and will do a lot to support that unit including making spider puppets, building our names with spiders, counting spiders onto webs, and reading several non-fiction books about spiders. We will learn about Christopher Columbus, we did some fun activities with scarecrows, made jack-o-lanterns, learned about bats, and are continuing with activities to develop fine motor strength. We are working on underhand tossing, balancing, and we learned how to play gaga ball on Wednesdays during our psychomotor time. We have also taught them a fun game called “steal the pumpkin”, which they love. In math, we are working on number recognition and counting. 

We will read a book about the life cycle of a pumpkin and do some pumpkin lacing. Our centers this month include labeling a bat, witch finger fine motor, eyeball matching with spoons, pumpkin memory, and easel painting. We will “gut a pumpkin” and use our senses to describe the inside, what we see, how it smells, and how it feels.

Our Vista Grande Book Fair will be held in the school library from October 8 - 12. Information on the book selections that will be available has been sent home already and each TK class will do a walk through on Wednesday, October 10th to look at all of the books. Please come support our Vista Grande library and enjoy the books that are being offered and this wonderful event. We will not be attending library this week so your child will not be checking out a library book until the following week.  

October 19th will be dress up rodeo style in anticipation of our Vista Grande school carnival that will take place on Saturday, October 20th. We hope you will please join us for this fun event.

October 26th will be picture retake day.

Red Ribbon week will be October 22 - 26. We want to assure you that our conversations with the children we will have during Red Ribbon week will be age appropriate and that we leave most of the discussion to the parents. We will talk about how drugs are things that can hurt your body…and then we turn our focus and discussion to what kinds of things we can do to keep our bodies healthy. They will receive a red ribbon so please have them wear it daily as there will be a drawing each day.

HALLOWEEN is on its way!!! We are very excited to celebrate this day with your children. It is a School wide minimum day. Both a.m./p.m. classes will be on the same schedule that day from 8:35-11:05. Children should come dressed in their costumes ready to go for the parade, which will start promptly at 8:40 in the back of the school. The parking lot will be PACKED, so please allow yourself enough time to get to school and find a spot for the parade. Following our parade from about 9:30-10:30, we will participate in our first TK Together Day. We thank all of the parents who will be volunteering to help out with the activities. We need PARENT PARTICIPATION in order for this to be successful, so THANK YOU! Following together day, we will have recess before concluding the day. 

November 2nd will be a staff development day for Vista Grande - no school for the students.

Thank you for volunteering in the classroom and to our room parents in both A.M. and P.M. classes for coordinating these schedules.

*Hand sanitizer donations are much needed and appreciated.

Thank you for reinforcing the rules of the classroom with your children at home!

Thank you for your continuous support and enthusiasm of our program. We are loving every moment with these kiddos!

Happy, happy, happy birthday to all of our friends celebrating in October! We are enjoying learning all about our “superstars” too!

Enjoy the remaining days of October!


Mrs. Estrada & Ms. Allio


Conference Week Schedule

AM & PM TK schedule will be 8:35 - 11:05 (minimum day schedule) for the following days...


October 4

October 8

October 9

October 10

October 11

October 12



September Newsletter

The TK Bee

Here’s what’s buzzin’ in Room 402…


We have truly enjoyed getting to know your little ones over the last few weeks and are so excited for a fantastic year ahead. 


Our days are packed with rich learning experiences for your children. Here are some things that we have been working on. We started our name king/queen activity. Each day, we will celebrate a name in our room. That child will wear a crown and be our special king/queen for the day. His/her classmates spell their name, clap their name, cheer their name, and then we interview our king or queen. Our king or queen is the line leader, the flag helper, the door monitor, they are in charge of dismissing their classmates to recess, etc. They also get to sit in the special red chair (throne) next to the teacher throughout the day. This activity builds confidence and it helps the kids to really learn each other’s names.


We have learned about the colors red and blue, yellow, green, orange, and we will finish out the month with purple.  We have also been doing a lot with names, including tracing and building, which we will continue with all year long. The kids graphed how many letters are in their names…ask them to tell you! Soon we will begin working in our Handwriting Without Tears books. The kids are doing a lot of tracing and coloring to build strength in their hands. We are observing grips as well to make sure the children are holding their tools properly. We are encouraging “small strokes” with the coloring to promote more “wrist” movement rather than whole arm movement. We will begin letter formation in a couple of weeks. Next week we will begin our “psychomotor stations” for P.E. This will be beneficial in the development of their gross motor skills. We have begun Unit 1, We Are Family, in our language arts program where the kids will be exposed to some great pieces of literature. The iPads have been incorporated into our rotation groups. Towards the end of the month, we will begin our fall unit and do some fun activities with apples.

The children have been focusing hard on learning the rules of the classroom and following the “Code of Ethics”, which we teach as a song. Hurt no one on the inside or outside, respect your school and all its property, special places require special behavior, we love Vista Grande! Have them sing it for you. We are also working on “eyes watching”, “ears listening”, “voices quiet”, and “bodies calm” on the carpet. The kids are encouraged to sit in a “listening shape” (which means crisscross applesauce) so that they are respecting each other’s personal space. We are having lots of discussions about making everyone feel welcome and including kids in play and using our words to solve problems. It typically takes a good month or so for kids to settle in especially as they learn the MANY things that are expected of them. If we feel that your child is needing more reminders or is consistent with certain behavior, we will reach out and have a conversation with you. But, we are so impressed with them already.


Thank you so, so much for your generous supply donations and giving tree donations.


We are excited to welcome our volunteers into the classroom. Please make sure you are cleared and that you sign in at the office first. 


Library has started! Books will need to be returned by the following Wednesday so your kids can check out another book. Sharing has started too! Pretty soon we will send home our “star of the week” schedule. 


Since the book bags go on the hooks, and we don’t always have a chance to check them, please hand us any notes or items at the door or feel free to set them in the green bucket at the start of class. Let us know if you have any questions and thank you for a great start to the school year!




Mrs. Estrada and Mrs. Allio

TK Colors Schedule

We will be learning about colors over the next month and a half...focusing on ONE color a week. We would love for the kids to dress in the dress in the "color" of the day. See our schedule below. Thank you for your participation!


Monday, August 20 - RED day


Monday, August 27 - BLUE day


Tuesday, September 4 - YELLOW day


Monday, September 10 - GREEN day


Monday, September 17 - ORANGE day


Monday, September 24- Purple day



Welcome To Transitional Kindergarten!

Room 402 Welcomes you to the 2018-2019 school year!


A.M. Teacher - Stacy Estrada - Paraprofessional - Ms. Priya  - Yellow Book Bags  


P.M. Teacher - Kristin Allio - Paraprofessional - Mrs. McKee - Orange Book Bags


A.M. - P.M. Class Schedules


A.M. class 8:35 - 12:05 Daily  

Library - Wednesday 11:00 -11:30


P.M. class 11:50 - 3:20 M,T,TH,F  8:35 - 12:05 Wednesday

Library - Wednesday 11:30 - 12:00

May Newsletter

What an exciting time of year for us! The month began with the bright and beautiful flowers from teacher appreciation week. They brought joy, cheer and the lovely fragrance of springtime to our classroom. We send our sincerest thanks to you all for making us feel so special and appreciated. We are blessed to work with our amazing students everyday.


And Wow! What fun we had celebrating our special moms at our Cinco De Mama parties. We enjoyed this festive time singing, participating in the bracelet making, eating nachos, and taking fun photos. We loved having our moms together with us and we hope you felt loved on Mother’s Day.


Open house is a delightful evening here at Vista Grande! It will be held on May 17th and your child will have a piece of artwork displayed in the courtyard (Art in the Park) for your viewing. Classrooms will be open to view and walk through with your child. The farm theme is evident all over room 402 with student created animals, crafts, and beautiful bulletin boards. The student self portraits are a favorite with a written reflection of each child’s favorite part of Transitional Kindergarten. Students may share with parents our Alpha Friends, how to write their name the “school way” and calendar. They also may share their ABC book, our TK quilt book, caterpillar book, farm book, kite book and handwriting book, and their art portfolio with amazing keepsake art projects that all may go home with you that evening.


We are continuing to enjoy the month as we learn about our world and the oceans. We have several activities that involve ocean animals, sorting, coloring, counting, and recalling information we have learned. 


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to work with your amazing and talented children this year. We are also very appreciative we could work with many parents in the classroom. Having your support in any way you contributed made a positive impact on us all and we thank you. We will cherish the last few weeks we have together before we send them on to Kindergarten. We look forward to hopefully seeing their smiling faces around town this summer.


A special thank you to Carisa Ferraioli and Megan Morrison (A.M.) and Laura Hennon and Alexandra Sullivan (P.M.) for being our Room Parents this year. We are so thankful for all of your help and support! 


Some important upcoming dates to remember:


May 28 - Memorial Day holiday - No school


May 30 - June 1st - All TK is on early schedule 8:40 - 12:00


May 30 - Field day (more info to follow)


May 31 - Awards Ceremony at 8:45 (you will be contacted if you need to attend)


June 1 - Talent Show and Last Day of School! (Can you believe it?)




Mrs. Estrada, Mrs. Allio, Mrs. Priya and Mrs. McKee

Save the Date TK Moms!
Photo Apr 23, 9 32 47 AM.jpg


Have a wonderful spring break TK families!

March Newsletter

March will be a very busy month. We will kick off with the birthday of one of our favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. Many Dr. Seuss stories we will share with the students will also include crafts that incorporate cutting with precision, following directions, counting, and tear art. For seventeen days, we will anticipate the arrival of the leprechauns from Ireland and on Friday, March 16 we hope they will visit our classroom like they have in years past. When they visit they usually do a number on our classroom, leaving footprints, gold, and green water in the toilet, haha! We plan to have so much fun participating in a St. Patrick’s Day shamrock hunt, and the shamrock shuffle. Other March activities will include a directed draw of leprechauns, making rainbows from our hand prints, and expressing with one another what makes us feel lucky.


We continue to work hard in TK focusing on the correct formation of the letters in the alphabet with the focus on one letter a week. The students are doing so well with this and we are very proud of their effort. We are also hard at work in our alphabet book focusing on neatness, correct pencil grip, and good posture.


We will enjoy learning about transportation in March as well. We will practice a poem to help us learn about the variety of transportation vehicles.  


Here We Go!


We go by car.

We go by plane.

We go by boat.

We go by train. 

We go by land, and by sea, and by air.

We go, go, go,

From here to there!

We will continue to enhance our vocabulary with all of the words we associate with transportation. The activities will include painting on easels with the wheels of hot wheels and other vehicles, making wooden airplanes using clothespins and popsicle sticks, playing with vehicles in the construction zone, and sorting forms of transportation by land, sea, and air are a few of the activities we will be enjoying this month. 


The kids enjoyed art class with Mrs. Durbin. Their skills and creativity continue to blossom!


Mr. Alfaro has been coming to our classroom on a weekly basis with his cart of iPads for each of our students to learn to use for fun and enriching academic activities. We are so lucky to have this opportunity to learn technology from him.


Muffins with Moms will take place in our classroom on Thursday, March 8th. We will enjoy muffins and some math activities. Math night at Vista Grande will also be on March 8th from 6:00-7:30 in the VG MPR.


Our Vista Grande Auction will be held on Saturday, March 17th. Thank you for your generosity in providing the TK teachers with our auction tickets. It will be a night of fun that will be providing support to our wonderful school!

Friday, March 30th there will be NO SCHOOL.

Spring break will be the week of April 2 - 6 and we hope you will all enjoy time spent with your loved ones. 

We will be excited to get back to our school routines on April 9th. 


* Attention Moms * - please save the date of May 4th for a Mother’s Day fiesta called “Cinco De Mama”. We are looking forward to a special luncheon on this day celebrating our wonderful moms. A.M. class 10:45-11:45 and P.M. class 12:00-1:00. This will be a special time to celebrate together!


Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who continue to help provide our students with an enhanced education. We appreciate you so much! Thank you for letting us teach your wonderful children!


Mrs. Estrada & Mrs. Allio


Valentine Exchange

Valentine Exchange


Happy February 1st! Love is in the air in Room 402. We are so excited for a fun-filled month of activities including our valentine exchange on Tuesday, February 13. If you would like your child to participate, please send in completed valentines by Monday, February 12. Candy is fine, HOWEVER, please DO NOT send in candy with NUTS. Thank you. Erasers, pencils, stickers, etc…are also great ideas for valentines. Please don’t worry about addressing your valentines to each child, SIMPLY have your child sign their name under “from”. The class lists went home in the Wednesday envelopes in January, with “numbers and boys/girls”. Remember to send them in by Monday, February 12. Earlier is fine too.

Thank you!


Mrs. Allio and Mrs. Estrada

February Newslwetter



February Newsletter 


Love is in the air! February is sure a fun month to celebrate in TK! We started our month off learning about the tradition of Groundhog’s Day. Every year on February 2, the tradition continues. Ask your child if the groundhog saw his shadow or not. 


The week of February 5-9 Vista Grande is focusing on using “KIND” words for our Words That Matter week. Each student wrote their name on our class poster reminding us to use kind words. Please refer to the letter that went home highlighting daily activities.


Valentine’s Day celebrations will be held on Tuesday, February 13th this year for the AM and PM classes. This will allow for each class to have time together celebrating.Thank you for your support in helping your child create a valentine box and the valentine hearts with his/her name on each heart. We have incorporated some math counting activities with the valentine themes that the students are really enjoying. Our students are strengthening their fine motor skills by cutting daily.


February 16 is Chinese New year.


We will plan to share stories about our former presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as we honor and celebrate their birthdays this month. Remember February 19th is a holiday. 


We continue to have a focus letter of the week and we are excited to share that our students have completed their Handwriting Without Tears book in which they learned the correct upper case letter formation and pencil grip. We are  very proud of the hard work they put into using their best effort to complete. We have started new alphabet books that will be our focus for the remainder of the year.


A reminder that morning TK has library on Wednesdays. Thank you for helping your child remember to return his/her library book on time!


*** This month TK classes will begin our visits to the Vista Grande technology lab. We will enjoy some introductory to computer instruction lessons with Mr. Alfaro. 


Thank you,


Mrs. Estrada, Mrs. Allio, Mrs. Priya, and Mrs. McKee


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