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Gina Flores

Kindernews 3.24

Dear Parents,


The auction was wonderful. I love the pictures and everyone looked so beautiful. The support was fantastic. Our class rocked. Dylan Davis will be principal for a day in the spring. Thank you Davis family for your generous bid. Thank you to everybody for all your contributions!


I would also like to thank Sharon Bateman and Nancy Quan for organizing an amazing Chinese New Year celebration. I have never seen such a wonderfully organized time before. Thank you to Jun Cheng for teaching us the lion dance! It was such an amazing “hand’s on” experience.


We had so much fun on Dr. Seuss’s birthday!! Thank you to the two lovely and super sweet grandmas, Nancy Quan and Sylvia Williamson, for helping us out with all the projects! We made green eggs and ham, obleck, wrote rhymes, did “cat-math” and patterning. Thank you to our photographer, Debbi Wolf who filled in at the last moment and was able to catch some great photo opportunities that you will get to see in the “Me” books we are creating for you!

BTW- The pictures Debbi took for the patriotic book are some of the cutest pictures I have ever seen of your beautiful children! I can’t wait for you to enjoy them too!!!


We did not have library today as our librarian is sick. Make sure all library books are turned in so that next week everyone can get a book!


Our Alpha friend this week is Dudley Duck and we are still on Topic 9, so please continue to work on those pages with your children and turn them in next Thursday, March 12. We are also starting a new writing unit and will be teaching the children how to write “How-to” books. More information as we continue to learn together!


Aiden Filal is star of the week.


Please don’t forget to sign up for conferences on our website.


Your can wash the patriotic t-shirts in cold water in washing machine. You may want to turn them inside out and line dry to preserve them a little longer.


Movie night is Friday. I hope that you can come join in the fun! We will also not have school on Friday, March 13! I will have school, but children will be off.


Thank you again to Sharon Bateman for cutting and pasting the cute Dr. Seuss characters together that our on our door.



Gina Flores