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Continuous Progress Alternative Program (CPAP)

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Continuous Progress Alternative Program At Vista Grande

Goals and Philosophy

The goal of the Continuous Progress Alternative Program at Vista Grande is to encourage students to progress to their fullest individual potential. Active parent participation is a strong component and helps facilitate strong bonds among families and students. Academic instruction is based on the San Ramon Valley Unified School District curriculum and augmented with the following elements:

  • CPAP embraces the initiatives, curriculum, and instruction established by San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD)
  • Lower student to adult ratio, achieved through trained classroom paraprofessionals and parent participation
  • Approximately 24.5 hours per week of para-professional support, including 5 hours per week targeted specifically for reading in grades K-2, and math in grades 3-5*
  • A strong partnership between home and school.  Parents are provided regular opportunities to volunteer both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Spanish language enrichment instruction for grades K-5 (1/2 hour instruction, twice weekly)*
  • Consistent class groupings, students remain together as they transition from grade to grade, facilitating consistency and a deep level of camaraderie in their social and learning environment
  • Additional classroom resources

An annual donation of approximately $1,125** per student pays for paraprofessional support, Spanish instruction, and classroom resources deemed necessary by the classroom teacher and/or Advisory Board. This annual donation is requested at the beginning of each school year that your child participates in the program. Paraprofessional support, Spanish instruction, and classroom resource targets are based on our ability to fund raise $1,125 per student to meet our annual operating budget.


* Should our fundraising efforts not be sufficient to provide these enhancements, adjustments to the program will be made.

** Contribution amount is determined by the board upon approval of the budget for the school year. Per program bylaws, donations to the program are non-refundable.


Admission Policy

Admission to the CPAP program is in accordance with the San Ramon Valley Unified District’s enrollment procedures for alternative programs.


Admission to the program is determined according to the following guidelines:

  • The program is open to any student within the SRVUSD boundaries
  • There is no screening process; acceptance is determined solely on classroom space available, with priority given to siblings of CPAP students
  • Class gender balance will be taken into consideration when placing students
  • If necessary to prevent diversions, priority may be given to Vista Grande resident students
  • An application for the program along with a signed support statement can be submitted for any grade at any time
  • In the event the class is full, the child will be placed at the end of the waiting list for the applicable class, and parents will be contacted as openings occur
  • Parents with children who are offered a space in the program must accept or decline within the specified timeframe
  • If the parent declines the space offered to the child, the child will be removed from the waiting list unless the parent requests the child remain on the list, at which time the child will be placed at the end of the list

Kindergarten admission guidelines:

  • A family with a child currently enrolled in the program (K-5), or a sibling who previously completed the program through 5th grade is awarded sibling priority
  • Remaining Kindergarten class space will be filled using the lottery system
  • Parents with children who are offered a space via lottery will be contacted the day of the lottery and should be prepared to accept or decline upon contact
  • Attendance at a Parent Information Meeting prior to enrollment is required for all entering Kindergarten students (non-sibling). This ensures that the parents are making an informed judgment as to whether the program is appropriate for their child.

Parent Reps / Board Members

Chair Annelise Bjaanes
Vice Chair Katie Berger
Secretary Michael Benjamin
Treasurer Lara Forbes &
Melissa Katakis
Communications Kim Nowlin
Enrollment Yin Lau
Community Service Lauren Fusco
Fundraising Jennifer Kamena &
Marah Whittaker


Faculty / Staff Representative
Contact Patricia Hansen  Patricia Hansen Principal
Alternative Staff
Contact Heidi Bownas  Heidi Bownas Teacher - Grade 4 - Alternative
Contact Leslie Collins  Leslie Collins Teacher - Grade 5 - Alternative
Contact Gina Flores  Gina Flores Teacher - Kindergarten - Alternative
Contact Heather Haas  Heather Haas Teacher - Grade 2 - Alternative
Contact Cindy Hildebrand  Cindy Hildebrand Teacher - Grade 3 - Alternative
Contact Jessica Montevago  Jessica Montevago Teacher - Grade 1 - Alternative

Classroom Representatives

Kindergarten Sonia Moen
First Grade Chris Xi
Second Grade Sonia Moen
Third Grade Noreen Dalmada
Fourth Grade Esra Essayem
Fifth Grade Noreen Dalmada