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Contact Danon Albert  Danon Albert Classroom Para
Contact Laura Beaver  Laura Beaver Classroom Para
Contact Margaret Broglio  Margaret Broglio Classroom Para
Contact Emily Clay  Emily Clay Classroom Para
Contact Julie Cullen  Julie Cullen Classroom Para
Contact Diane Fogarty  Diane Fogarty Classroom Para
Contact Julie Gaffey  Julie Gaffey Classroom Para
Contact Catherine Huberty  Catherine Huberty Classroom Para
Contact Giuliana Hunt  Giuliana Hunt Classroom Para/Office Assistant/Attendance
Contact Shelly Margolis  Shelly Margolis Classroom Para
Contact Michelle McCarthy  Michelle McCarthy Classroom Para
Contact Carol McKee  Carol McKee Classroom Para
Contact Stacy Mendez  Stacy Mendez Classroom Para
Contact Kalima Moses  Kalima Moses Classroom Para & Noon Duty Supervisor
Contact Noel Murphy  Noel Murphy Classroom Para
Contact Karin O'Connell  Karin O'Connell Classroom Para
Contact Peggy Poyer  Peggy Poyer Classroom Para
Contact Sarah Reardon  Sarah Reardon Classroom Para
Contact Peter Reeves  Peter Reeves Classroom Para
Contact Channing Salamera  Channing Salamera Classroom Para
Contact Suzanne Twirbutt  Suzanne Twirbutt Classroom Para
Contact Susan Vomund  Susan Vomund Classroom Para
2019-2020 Staff List

Printable list of Vista Grande 

Faculty and Staff

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Contact Osi Juergens  Osi Juergens Principal
Office Team
Contact Giuliana Hunt  Giuliana Hunt Classroom Para/Office Assistant/Attendance
Contact Delia Verber  Delia Verber Office Manager
Contact Susan Witbeck  Susan Witbeck Office Assistant/Attendance/Bookkeeper
Contact John Alfaro  John Alfaro Teacher-Computer Lab
Contact Kristin Allio  Kristin Allio Teacher - 1st Grade
Contact Christine Bertolero  Christine Bertolero Teacher - Instrumental Music
Contact Heidi Bownas  Heidi Bownas Teacher - 4th Grade - Alternative
Contact Renee Bula  Renee Bula Teacher - 3rd Grade
Contact Mark Carstens  Mark Carstens Teacher - 4th Grade
Contact Leslie Collins  Leslie Collins Teacher - 5th Grade - Alternative
Contact Noreen Dalmada  Noreen Dalmada Teacher- Science
Contact Amy Ertekin  Amy Ertekin Teacher- Spanish- Alternative
Contact Stacy Estrada  Stacy Estrada Teacher - TK
Contact Gina Flores  Gina Flores Teacher - Kindergarten - Alternative
Contact Jim Gates  Jim Gates Teacher - Chorus
Contact Austin Glimme  Austin Glimme Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Megan Hansen  Megan Hansen Teacher - 1st Grade
Contact Brittany Henderson  Brittany Henderson Teacher - 1st Grade
Contact Cindy Hildebrand  Cindy Hildebrand Teacher - 3rd Grade - Alternative
Contact Kristen Ingamells  Kristen Ingamells Teacher - 5th Grade
Contact Ashley Jenkins  Ashley Jenkins Teacher - 1st Grade- Alternative
Contact Jill Jones  Jill Jones Teacher - 2nd Grade
Contact Karen Kjelsberg  Karen Kjelsberg Teacher - 4th Grade
Contact Amy Knese  Amy Knese Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Kate Lenk  Kate Lenk Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Adam Liebow  Adam Liebow Teacher- Science
Contact Kimberly Lind  Kimberly Lind Teacher- Art
Contact Janene Littlejohn  Janene Littlejohn Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Joe McEntee  Joe McEntee Teacher - 3rd Grade
Contact Debbie McGovern  Debbie McGovern Teacher - 5th Grade
Contact Elisa Merrifield  Elisa Merrifield Teacher- 1st Grade
Contact Jessica Montevago  Jessica Montevago Teacher - 2nd Grade - Alternative
Contact Robyn Moreno  Robyn Moreno Teacher- 1st Grade
Contact Laura Neary  Laura Neary Teacher - 2nd Grade
Contact Julie O'Neill  Julie O'Neill Teacher - 4th Grade
Contact Kristen Petersen  Kristen Petersen Teacher -5th Grade
Contact Brooke Schroeder  Brooke Schroeder Teacher - 3rd Grade
Contact Kelly Sheridan  Kelly Sheridan Teacher - 2nd Grade
Contact Candace Stewart  Candace Stewart Teacher - 2nd Grade
Contact Carrie Wilson  Carrie Wilson Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Laura Young  Laura Young Teacher- Resource
Contact Shannon Zuber  Shannon Zuber Teacher - Kindergarten
Support staff
Contact John Alfaro  John Alfaro (925) 314-1058 ex: 77858 Tech Inst Asst/CSA
Contact Augustus Arellano  Augustus Arellano Child Nutrition, Lead
Contact Audrey Augustinsky  Audrey Augustinsky Speech Therapist
Contact Frank Beasley  Frank Beasley Custodian
Contact Alyson Campbell  Alyson Campbell Nurse
Contact Ken Cox  Ken Cox Lead Custodian
Contact Jo Cruz  Jo Cruz (925) 314-1056 Librarian
Contact Daniela Galez  Daniela Galez Reading Intervention Paraeducator
Contact Gabriela Gonzales  Gabriela Gonzales Noon Duty Supervisor & Kindergarten PE Paraeducator
Contact Sharon Heaney  Sharon Heaney Child Nutrition, Assistant
Contact Alisha Hope  Alisha Hope Nurse, LVN
Contact Kalima Moses  Kalima Moses Classroom Para & Noon Duty Supervisor
Contact Renee Nickerson  Renee Nickerson Rainbow Room Psychologist
Contact Thais Ouzonian  Thais Ouzonian Noon Duty Supervisor
Contact Adolfo Portades  Adolfo Portades Crossing Guard & Noon Duty Supervisor
Contact Amy Sommer  Amy Sommer Occupational Therapist
Contact Christa Takeuchi  Christa Takeuchi Psychologist
Contact Denise Uhl  Denise Uhl SCIP Discovery Counselor
Contact Anne Warnement  Anne Warnement Rainbow Room Paraeducator
Contact Melinda Wiseman  Melinda Wiseman Librarian